free teddy bear phoenix az, free teddy bear scottsdale azRIO WAX SALON delivers their special brand of pain-free Brazilian waxing just in time for the height of summer.

Their secret is in Dannielli specially formulated Royal Pink Wax, Royal Honey Wax, a highly pliable wax that allows hairs to be smoothly pulled out, rendering the removal nearly painless. The salon promises a highly efficient and hygienic experience, completing the whole procedure in 15 to 25 minutes flat and provides post-wax take home instructions to ensure minimum irritation. Little pampering touches during the treatment ease Brazilian wax virgins into their first time, such as a squeeze doll for the anxious, in the form of RIO's mascot Bear, and using Bach Flower Essence to calm stressed nerves.

Please meet meet RIO wax salon mascot, "RIO bare - bear" ;-) be sure to ask for your free Rio Bare when going in for your1st Brazilian Wax. (cannot be combined with any other offers or specials)

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Rio Wax Salon 
3319 E. Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018



3319 E. Indian School Rd.  Phoenix, AZ 85018
Tel. (602)955-0899