Vajazzeling Pic

AKA Vadazzled, Vagazzled, and in England it's known as a Bollywood wax. Whatever you call it the biggest beauty trend for 2010 is all about celebrating your lady bits. The bikini area should be waxed or shaved and then the area is adorned by Sawarovski crystals. We have a number of beautiful house designs to choose from or we can create a custom look.

When you come in we will show you a range of designs to choose from and then it only takes around fifteen minutes to apply the gems. The idea is to celebrate yourself, do something sexy for yourself - and we're pretty sure your guy will love it too.

  • Prices:
  • $25 for house designs
  • $100 and up for custom designs

Dannielli Marcelino explains the new trend in "blinging" your body on Fox 10 Phoenix Morning Show.

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