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  • Want a Bikini Bod? Drink These Low Cal Cocktails (and come visit us, duh)

    Quick & Easy: Diet Sprite & Vodka * 3 oz Diet Sprite (or any other 0 calorie diet lemon-lime soda) * 1 oz Smirnoff Citrus Vodka (100 calories) Coco Hudson * 1 oz. Cîroc Coconut (62 calories) * 1.5 oz. Stirrings All Natural Blood Orange Martini Mix (35 calories) * Splash of club soda (0 […]

  • How to Keep Smooth Between Waxing Appointments

    How to keep smooth between waxes Learn how to maintain your bikini line in between waxes with this tip from skin and body expert Dannielli Marcelino, owner of  Rio Wax Salon. Question: What should I do in between wax appointments when the hair is visible but it’s too soon to wax? In between wax appointments […]

  • When the bunny is gone, here’s your next chocolate move

    EASTER BUNNIES ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHOCOLATE ADDICTION chocolate-wax Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix offer Wild Berry Chocolate wax throughout spring and summer for a calorie-free chocolate fix. PHOENIX—Alright,   you had Easter Sunday to get your chocolate fix. But now, may we suggest indulging in chocolate but of the […]

  • Treat Your Moneymaker To a Bikini and Butt Facial!

    Fanny Facial Bikini-and-Butt ‘Facials’ are Latest Spa Trend. As bikinis get tinier, women are exposing more flesh than ever before. But sometimes skin in those more intimate parts isn’t quite ready for a close-up.  Rio Wax Salon has just the treatment for wary beach goers: a bikini-and-bum facial. On gently cleansed skin, the technician first […]

  • Foxy Bikini & Carnivale Bikini Wax

    foxy fur bikini Bored with your plain old wax job? Considering a little foxy Faux Fur, the newest way to jazz up your lady parts. Yes. You read that correctly.   Rio Wax Salon latest offering is the “Foxy Bikini Service,” which features colorfully dyed Faux fur applied to your bikini area after your laser or wax treatment. […]

  • Want to impress this Valentine’s Day? Then, upgrade

  • How to Give Your Man a Makeover: Brows

    Men’s Grooming For some guys, brows are just those two things above their eyes that remain untouchable. For us girls, this can be a problem. Luckily for everyone, men’s grooming is on the rise, as is the amount of guys heading into salons to get their brows trimmed. A brow trim or clean-up not only […]

  • Wear Green Eye Shadow for St. Patrick’s Day

    Wear green eye shadow this St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s the perfect grown-up way to celebrate. Not sure how?  Here’s how to apply and choose the perfect shade of green eye shadow for any eye color. GREEN EYES Green Eyes – Green Eye Shadow YOUR PERFECT GREEN EYE SHADOW IS … To make your eyes pop, you want to look […]

  • Waxing for Men at Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix | Scottsdale

    Waxing for Men   Waxing For Men Get completely bare silky skin!  Waxing is known as one of the best hair removal method after laser hair removal. The results of waxing for men typically last 4 to 6 weeks, but doing the summer months when we go through such hot weather in Phoenix Arizona the […]

  • Top 10 Foods Highest in Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is amazing for your skin amongst many other things! Check out this great list of the top-10 foods containing this miracle vitamin. Vitamin E is a group of 8 fat-soluble vitamins which help prevent oxidative stress to the body, and other vitamins within the body. Adequate amounts of vitamin E can help protect […]

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