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Rhonda Allison Grape Seed Moisture Gel – 1.7oz


Description: Firming, toning, moisturizing; high antioxidant content. Grape Seed Moisture Gel feels cool on the skin and is a good choice for post-menopausal skins experiencing hot flushes. Grape Seed Moisture Gel is a light daytime firming and toning moisture gel. Grape Seed Moisture gel is appropriate for all skin types. It liquefies and absorbs quickly into the skin, which is why it is also a good choice for oily skin. Some skins love the irradescent glow it leaves.

Recommended Use: Cleanse skin well, blend a small amount of Grape Seed Moisture Gel on to face and neck. Let absorb in and finish with SPF30 sun block. Spreading 1-2 drops of Grape Seed Hydrating Oil on the skin will enhance the moisturizing capabilities before applying Grape Seed Moisture Gel.

Active Ingredients: Water, glycerin, whey, aloe, squalene, cassia betaglycan, grape seed extract, butcher broom extract, hydrocotyl extract, D-panthenol, calendula, horse chestnut extract, L-menthyl lactate, D-alpha tocopherol, mica, jasmine alcohol, essential oils, and beet extract.


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